Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What GREAT friends...

Bengals Rock! Yeah... i am a future linebacker
Hi Aunt Stacy... do you like my outfit??

Hi Aunt Liz... i love these baby Crocs
reading time with all his friends
" my NEW best friend... Mr. Ducky"

I have the best friends EVER! Liz & Stacy are forever buying jack the cutest little outfits and toys... and here are just a few of the ones that we tried on today! Jack is really going to be torn between LSU & the Bengals when he grows up to play football! And if you can't read Liz's onsie... it says " Life is simple... eat, sleep, & play golf." oh so cute! thanks girls... we love YOU!!

Memorial Day Weekend...

Cruisin on the boat
Bellie hanging out with jack
watching Sponge Bob What a sweet baby boy!!

So this weekend Our family Friends Tiger & Carolyn came in town with their kids. We had a blast going out on the boat until the generator blew out and the air conditioning stopped working! Which would have been no big deal but having a 4 month old out in the sun for too long is NOT a good combination! So instead of heading out to Egmont key for the day... we all had to head back to the marina for the mechanic to fix dad's new baby! After a long day we came home to veg for a little while and watch our favorite... sponge bob!

Friday, May 23, 2008

What a busy DAY...

Look how cute... Jack fell asleep in his Boppy Bouncy Seat

And Look... one sock fell off in between me taking these picturesMy First Diaper CakeMelissa's Diaper Cake & Favors
Little did uncle rick know...
but as this picture was being taken Jack was POOPING on his leg! This is FRITA
what a priceless picture:)One of Jacks' favorite future babysitters... Miss Halley

Today was a busy day for us! My mom came over in the morning to babysit so that i could run a few errands (and get a pedicure) before we leave for our big trip to Baton Rouge next week. Then this afternoon, as i was putting the finishing touches on Melissa's diaper cake ( My first try at making one) & baby shower favors, Jack fell asleep for the FIRST time ever in his Boppy Bouncy Seat! It was oh so cute! And finally this evening, Uncle Rick came over to introduce us to his mom's new dog "Frita." The funny thing was, baby jack didn't want to have anything to do with the little pup... and when he did finally look at her he made the ugliest frowny face! And then, jack decided to poop all the way through his diaper, his outfit, and through Uncle Rick's Jeans! Too Funny! Later in the evening, Sean & Halley stopped by for a little bit to play with jack... Halley is so great with him! She's going to make a great babysitter!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Liz Turns The Big 21...

Happy Birthday Liz... we LOVE you!! Jack is telling Liz a story... followed by slobber
Jack loves to snuggle with his favorite "Aunt" Liz
Hello world... guess who's teething
Jack is trying to sit up on his own here... he is getting stronger every day!

Miss Liz turns 21 on Friday, so we took her out to dinner tonight at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate her birthday early... and we even bought her this silly hat to wear. We just LOVE her and wish her the best of luck in California at her stylizing internship. We are going to miss her sooooo much:) After dinner we all sat on the couch to watch the American Idol Finale... and Jack was talking up a storm while snuggling in her arms. It was a fun night... it reminds me of the many nights Liz would spend the night so we could watch The Hills and do homework all night long. Ahhh, what great memories!!

So Jack has started teething this week AND sitting up on his own! We are excited, and yet sad that our poor little man has to experience tooth pain. I tried putting the wet washcloth in the freezer and he seems to like it in his mouth for about 2 minutes:) Does anyone have any good suggestions or remedies for teething??

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy's NEW toy...

Dad's new Regal Boat... next to the old Twin Vee Boat
Jamey checking out the 2 bedroom cabin

Wow... 40 feet is long
it has 3 levels... and 2 sundecks just for me:)
what a cute captain
Bren relaxing in the "salon" area
Jack was soooo tired after a long dayMom, dad, and bren babysitting tonight

So my dad surprised my mom with this mother's day gift, a 40 ft REGAL boat, which really was just a new toy for him disguised a present! He officially picked it up this morning, so we all went out on it today... and wow it's beautiful! There are so many places to hang out, sleep, lounge, etc. We had a fun day exploring the new toy together:) The first picture is of the new boat next to the old 26 ft Twin Vee boat, which some of y'all might recognize from the wedding:) And afterwards, we all came back to our house so Jamey and i could go out to dinner with some friends while mom, dad, & Bren babysat.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Miss Blair... the fashion designer

Miss Blair
she's FULL of... Energy
yeah... i am such a stud
Daddy & me snuggling on the couch watching Sponge Bob

Miss Blair, a friend of mine from fashion design school, came over tonight to give me a sweet mother's day card & hang out! we had fun playing with jack and looking at her pictures of her baby niece. And afterwards, after our night-time bath Jamey and jack snuggled on the couch watching our favorite show... Sponge Bob!

Mother's Day

Playing Chicken Foot Dominoes with the Family
Teaching Uncle Jonathan how to play
Mom, Me, & Mommie
Grand really does have the magic hold
Our dinning room

So after a fun weekend in south Florida, we headed back to our house to have a mother's day lunch with my family. Everyone came to our house since mom & dad's kitchen is still under construction! And, since this was my FIRST mother's day as a new mom, Jamey bought me these beautiful flowers & sweet card! We even got to use our brand new dinning room set for the FIRST time that we bought about 15 months ago! it was soooo much fun... we played chicken foot, watched movies, and ate some yummy french dip poboys that dad cooked! This was the best mother's day EVER!

Deerfield Beach Visit

Grandmum Ginny
Uncle Frank, Aunt Nancy, & Julian
Aunt Kimmy & Julian
Hanging out at Jamey's grandmother's house
Sitting on Mumum's lap
What a cute Father & Son!!!
After visiting with our family in Port St. Lucie, we headed down to Deerfield beach to visit with Jamey's mom and family for the mother's day weekend! we had so much fun going out to lunch at Bru's Room, hanging out at Mumum's house, and playing with our cousin Julian! It was so great to see Ginny & the family!!

Port St. Lucie Visit

Cousin Jenna
Cousin Danny
Cousin Barb
Cousin Ashley
Cousin Blair
So we traveled to Port St. Lucie this weekend to visit Jamey's cousin Barb and her family and my uncle Dave and his family. We spent the Night at Barb's house and stayed up till 2am talking, oh how i wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often!! Then we went over to Uncle David & Aunt Cheryl's house for some yummy BBQ dinner & got to hang out with all of our favorite cousins!It was soooo much fun seeing everyone!


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