Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aquarium with Bren & Analie

Splashin' around with Uncle B
looking at the cool sea otters??

all ready for the splash park MOM!!swimming at Highland Park with Andrew, Mia, & Corrie
look at all the fishies mom!
he LOVES to pose for the camera:)
drinking his juice...which is like his security blanket!!
We had such a FUN day at the aquarium with uncle B & analie!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jessica's visit

Jackson is soooo adorable... he & jack became fast friends!
Jackson & Jack playing at the aquarium

This is jack, sitting as far away from the sand as possible...
for some reason my son HATES sand!!! finally, we got him to sit on a towel (he is wearing baby Ethan's hat, isn't it CUTE)
having fun at the splash parkhe is such a "stage 5" clinger right now... this MUST be a phaseeating yummy ice cream with daddy
taking a ferry to Caladesi island...what a fun boat ridethis is jack's new friend "Frankie"Baby Ethan... such a lil stud muffinHappy boy in the poolplaying at the aquariumi LOVE this picture:)i just LOVE this smile!!!

My BEST friend Jessica came to visit last week from Omaha with her 2 boys: Jackson & Ethan... her 3rd son, Brennan, was visiting his grandparents in Louisiana and couldn't come too:(
Seriously, this was the best stay-cation i have EVER had, we had sooo much fun going to the aquarium, the beach, the splash park, cooking home made fried chicken, visiting my family, and watching movies! i just LOVE Jessica, and truly value her loving friendship... and jack just LOVED her boys! the morning that they left jack actually woke up crying for "baby" Ethan & "jkson"... it was sooooo sad! our house felt empty after they left:(
Please come back soon Jess, i miss you already!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day at the ZOO

Jack Feeding the Giraffe
... and calling him "OTCH"

Jack, Andrew, & Mia... his official partners in crime
TROUBLE!!!Hummm... will this fish eat me???i don't know mom, he is looking at me funny! are you sure he wont eat me??Stud Muffin!he loves to splash aroundsuch a HAPPY child:)Mom, this is so much fun!!!Jack "attempting" to pet the billy goats...but not liking the smell so much:)what a cute shot "from behind"... he he he:)

We went to the Lowry Park Zoo today, for Jack's first visit, with his babysitter Miss Corrie & his partners in crimes: Mia & Andrew. It was a scorcher outside, so thank goodness for the splash park. We still had to come home and jump in the pool though, what a hot miserable day in Florida!!! Jack had a blast, and it it just now 10pm and we are getting him to bed... he was still on his ZOO high all evening:) what a FUN day with friends!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jack's 2nd Haircut



We took Jack to get his 2nd haircut this weekend at Shortcuts 4 Kids! It was the CUTEST Kid Salon ever! He sat in a jeep truck chair with a TV attached playing cartoons. I think he was still a little freaked out, but he did really well overall! And now he looks so grown up!

Visit with Grandma Honey

Mom is looking GREAT and doing much better
Look... i can stand up in this chair!ooooh, CHALK!!This is one of Jack's Birthday gifts... now that he can run he LOVES it!Who Me??
Playing dress up with mommy
he looks like a a bank robber here:)

We went to visit mom this week and she is doing FABULOUS! Here are a few random pics from our playtime outside on our patio... Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Boy FUN

" i LOVE cheetos!"Singing with daddy"i LOVE microphones... thanks Uncle Rick!"
snuggling with mommy

playing hoops at My Gym... he is such a lil basketball player"this is where i like to come and THINK"he is wearing Uncle Bren's HIGHSCHOOL gym shirt... too funny
Mr. Cool

Jack is growing up SOOO fast! He now repeats everything you say, will take your hand and guide you to what he wants or is reaching for, LOVES to sing, idolizes his Uncle B, and is still obsessed with balls! My only question is... how do i get him to stop biting ME?

We love this little man!


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