Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr. Daniel's Birthday

Snuggling with Annamaria
The Birthday Boy and his SUPER cute cupcake cake
Jack getting birthday cake kisses from Miss Sydney
Chatting with Uncle Rick
Hazel licking Jack... we aren't sure if he liked it??

So we went to Mr. Daniel's birthday party this weekend and had sooooooo much fun seeing Miss Joy, Annamaria, Kelli, Chris, and all of the kids! Jack even got a little "fresh" with Chris's adorable daughter Sydney when she tried to give him kisses. It was so cute to see all of the kids having fun on the slip-n-slide. I even got to snuggle with Miss Ava while she was sleeping on my shoulder! We seriously NEED to get together more often, cause i miss everyone soooooo much!
After the birthday party festivities, we went to Rick's for a little BBQ party. Jack just loves to be thrown in the air and bounced all around with Uncle Rick.... i think this means he is going to like roller coasters, right??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Bee...

the cutest lil handprint EVER
do you notice the Sponge Bob toy that he is snuggling with... he is obsessed!
he loves his "Honey" time
Mrs. Kristen Thank you Laurie for this CUTE outfit!!!

We have been Busy Bees lately!

So jack and i went to our first Music Class this week... and we LOVED it! He was the youngest one there, and sat in amazement for the entire hour! We can't wait to go again on Friday:)

An old friend friend from LSU came to visit us today... Mrs. Kristen! We had soooooo much fun talking and catching up. It has been over 6 years since we last saw each other... and we had a lot to talk about!!We can't wait to drive down to Cape Coral to visit her next month.

I have been wanting to trace Jack's hand prints for some time now and just haven't gotten around to it. Well finally i decided to do a little arts & crafts with Jack this week and captured these cute prints. wishful thinking idea - maybe i can do this every month to see how he grows??

My mom came over to babysit while Brendan and i went to see Get Smart... great movie by the way - SUPER funny! And i had to take the opportunity to get a cute "Honey & Jack" picture before we left for the theater!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes... i am burnt like a LOBSTER

the "I LOVE YOU" face
Wiggle Worm

So after being on the boat all day Sunday for father's day... i got a little TOO much sun! and yes, i take complete responsibility because i didn't put any sunscreen on my face or my chest! i know - i know - i am a dork! so all day yesterday and today i have been recuperating with baby jack... in our pajamas all day long.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

Laurie & Tom's 10 Year Anniversary
Jack Saying "Da Da" all day long on Father's day
Jack & Grand on the boat
what beautiful BLUE eyes
Sound asleep in daddy's arms
Loving on Aunt Ashley
Dinner with the Grant Crew

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Da Da...

Ok, so Jack just said "Da da"... i know it's a little early but i swear we heard him say it twice! It was the cutest thing ever... and i don't think i have ever seen Jamey so proud! i absolutely LOVE this time with baby Jack... he is soooooo cute and showing us more and more of his big personality.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taking Over The World...

Yes... i am taking over the world ONE step at a time
hello there... do you come here often?
wow - I'm tired

So Jack is clearly loving this new bouncy stand... he played so hard that afterwards he literally fell asleep on my lap sitting up with his head hanging down. i had to take this picture of him sleeping... he sleeps with his arms up just like his daddy:) too cute

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This week...

Hello... my name is "Bruiser"
um... mom... i think i just pooped!
I just LOVE this FACE!!!
Look how cute... he is sooooo trying to walk!
wow- look at all of these fun colors!
he loves his new bouncy
the best uncle BREN ever!!

This week we bought Jack a new bouncy to try and help him stand more... and he LOVED it!! of coarse he is still a little too young for it... but i know he will grow into it soon enough!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Laughing with mommy

whoa... you caught me
yep - i rock the WEE world

my Little man talking up a storm

i'm pooped... all that talking made me sleepy

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a GREAT trip

So we just got back from a wonderful trip home to Baton Rouge! In order to best describe the experience... here is a list of my FAVORITE eateries that we visited (in order of appearance:)

We originally decided to fly in to see Mawmaw for her birthday, and then got lucky because Jessica and her boys were planning a trip at the same time! it was perfect and oh soooooo great seeing her & her cute family! i even found the time to see Nicole & get my hair highlighted!! All of the Switzer clan came down for a family wedding... so again it was just perfect timing to see Keith, Joanie, Ann, Janet, & their families! Jack did great on the trip... he slept the whole time on the airplane & even gave us a whopping EIGHT hours sleep at Mommie B's the first night we arrived. We thoroughly enjoyed staying at Mommie B's... learning how to cook and laughing at her cute "mommie-isms" was a priceless experience! Then once we checked into the hotel... we had a blast playing chicken foot in the lobby with "hobo Jackson", serenading Nick & Melanie with "Going to the chapel", and listening to Uncle Hereford's jokes for hours! Oh... and the food was soooooo awesome... my only regret is that i didn't get to eat Cane's at least 5 more times!

Geaux Tigers...

The Percy Family... and the adorable Mr. Nick
Eating at Walkon's... Kristin & Cailin
Miss Lauren
Jack sleeping on Grand... because he is just so worn out from the party
The Switzer family reunion at George's
Day 4
Melanie... the bride to be
Brendan & Analie... what cute cousins Miss Caitlin... the Graduate Eating yummy Crawfish Etoufe with Mommie... that i cookedEating at schlotzskys deli... Brennan is soooo cute!

Day 3

Playing at Mommie B.'s with Jess, Jenny, & the kids

Geaux Tigers... Baton Rouge Trip '08

Miss Susan gave Jack this cute lil puppy
Nicole... Yummy Dinner at Mike Anderson's with Jessica & the girls...
Brennan playing with his sponge bob legos while jackson and i get our haircuts
Day 2

Getting our haircut with Tricky Nicki

Happy Birthday MawMaw
Mommie B. eating Crawfish & boilded shrimp
Jack & i looking at the gold fish pond
Analie... where's your plate of crawfish??
Mommie B. snuggling with Jack
Jack's Favorite Aunt Colleen
Day 1

Crawfish Boil at Aunt Ann & Uncle Bill's


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