Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jack's 1st Haircut

Before...i know, his hair doesn't look that long... but i was fearful of a mullet
Funny enough, He is a little scared of the comb... but not the scissors
After...He looks so grown up now...
And... we also turned his car seat around today
what a momentous day!

Jack's Birthday Party Pics...

Good morning world... Today is MY birthday!
Hi Mom... Jack learning to hold his own bottle Jack eating his first ice cream cake
Getting ready for the big party
Look Mom... i amWALKING
He LOVES this basketball goalHere are the handmade "Krusty Krab Pizza" boxes that jamey and I made for the party
Sponge bob arrives at the party... and jack doesn't know WHAT to think
i think he got a little scared when all 85 people started singing happy birthday to him Welcoming everyone to the party Getting our caricature drawn sitting for the caricature
Jack's cousin Julian looking through his favor bag Three generations... so cute i don't think he liked his "happy 1st birthday" ribbon & "prince jack" t-shirt Jack's very own birthday cake
the awesome sponge bob cupcakesOur guests enjoying the caricaturist and face painter Hanging out with his favorite HONEY
the cute sponge bob pinata provided by my grandparents Jack's first attempt at sucking through a straw... he is hooked now here are the 50 favor bags that Brendan and I hand drew and filled Here are some of the yummy snacks that we had for everyone to "feast" on Jack and his favorite Uncle B

Monday, January 26, 2009

James Patrick Billig Turns ONE

Yesterday 85 of our closest friends and family came to celebrate Jack Jack's birthday at Highland Park and it was a big hit! I will post pics soon... little man had sooo much fun! His actual birthday is on Wednesday, January 28th... but we had to celebrate in typical "Jamie" style with a big bash over the weekend!Oh, and guess who took his first steps on Saturday!! It is so cute, he is now walking everywhere!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chuck E Cheese's

Jamey teaching Jack how to play Ski Ball"Look dad... i can drive just like you!"
he LOVED this monster truck
"Look uncle B... this is how you drive"
"I am KING of the world!"
We took Jack to Chuck E Cheese this weekend for my friend Megan's niece's birthday... and wow it was CRAZY! i have to admit i was a little overwhelmed, the place was so crowded and very loud... i know i sound like an old lady saying this:) needless to say Jack had a blast!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jack thinks ELMO is the funniest thing everBut he is not sure what to think of GIANT ELMO...
"Mom, get me outta here!"
Ever since Christmas, Jack has been mesmerized by the ELMO doll that my parents got him. So when I heard that ELMO was coming to visit our My Gym class this week, I jumped at the chance to take jack to meet him. Well, maybe it was the lack of sleep or genuine surprise of seeing 50 people jammed into our tiny classroom, but Jack didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with the GIANT ELMO! He just tried to run away and climb up the rock wall! Too funny:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Landon...

Baby Landon, Melissa, & Jack playing
don't you love his "alfalfa" hair:)what a ham, he seriously LOVES the cameraBaby Landon's first high chair adventurewhat a cute mommy & baby boy!!

Sorry it has been so long since i have written, i have been crazy busy planning a preschool Fair for the MOMS Club that Jack and i are a part of and Jack's BIG birthday party! Which right now we are at 100 guests, so hopefully this will be the best one year old party ever! This week, my friend Melissa & her 6 month old son, Landon, came over to play. He is seriously the happiest baby ever, so sweet and ALWAYS smiling! We had soooo much fun with them!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve 2008

Jack & Madison playingJamey, Jack, & Uncle Rick
Madison, Jack, & Jake playing in the hall and laughing hysterically
This is Jack's favorite toy from Santa... The Bumble Ball
Jack & Uncle Rick
Miss Madison
Jack & Mrs. Katheryn
For New Years Eve we had a few of our friends over, while the kids played until they got tired at around 10pm. It was such a fun night!! Happy New Year... whoa it sure doesn't feel like 2009!


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