Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby's FIRST Christmas...

Jack & Grand playing with his new outdoor play set"Honey... i love this wagon filled with Lego's!!"
Honey, Grand, & Uncle B
WOW mom... this is what Santa Brought me??
look, naked with shoes!
"I LOVE Christmas!!"
Snuggling with Uncle Bren on Christmas Eve
Jack had a GREAT first Christmas... needless to say i think we need a bigger house just to store ALL of his new toys! we had sooooo much fun watching him "attempt" to unwrap presents and play with the bows/ribbon! Oh, and i cooked for the first time EVER: honey ham, mac & cheese, salad, bread, and brownies. We enjoyed our Christmas day with my family, rick & his mom, charlie & candy, Krystle & Paul:) What a fabulous Christmas!! To all of our other family and friends that we did NOT get to see this year, we MISS you terribly and hope you had a great holliday... LOVE to you all!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Birthday...

Jack playing at My Gym
Jack & GrandaddyJack & Cousin JasonJack & Honey Me & Bren
I had a great birthday... celebrating the BIG 29! We spent the evening at Mommie & Grandaddy's for dinner, before they left for Baton Rouge!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Parade 2008

Santa Fire Truck
My Gym Fire Truck
Santa & Sleepy JackSinging Time... Mr. Froggy was a huge hit while we were waiting for Santa Miss Sarah & Miss Ella
The Kingsford clan before Santa arrived
Miss Chloe
Group pic #2 what a HAM!!! Playtime in the grass Miss Darian, Miss Kayla, & Jack Jack Miss Avery, Miss Kayla, & Jack Jack
Saturday Night we had the Westchase Community Foundation's Santa Parade! It was a huge hit... but poor baby jack was so sleepy by the time Santa actually came down our street at 7:30 pm! Jack had fun crawling around the grass, singing Mr. Froggy songs, and snuggling with all of the his "girlfriends!" We loved visiting with all of our awesome neighbors... good times!

Sick Baby

Mom, i hate snot dripping from my nose!But bath time makes me happy
Don't you like his mohawk!!Last week we had a sick baby, and it's lingering into this week too now! Poor thing caught the nasty cold that was going around... and his dripping nose is just intolerable!!

Holiday Decorating Ideas...

Place Fresh Cranberries in water in a simple Glass vase & decorate with ribbon & ornaments
Place fake snow & ornaments in a simple glass vase
Create homemade favors for your guests
Fill cone shaped clear bags with hot cocoa & marshmallows for an easy treat
Create a chocolate topiary with gourmet chocolates & fill glass vases with limes
Make a festive holiday arrangement with ferns & berries
Here are some simple holiday decorating ideas from a Confetti Events Holiday Party... enjoy!

Jack's Christmas Pictures

Jamey's sister Rachel also flew in last weekend to take Jack's First Christmas pics! They all turned out SO amazing, i had a hard time choosing christmas cards:) We had sooooo much fun with her and appreciate all of her hard work! While she was here she even got to shoot for a few of our neighbors as well, and their Christmas pics turned out SO cute too! We love you Aunt Rachel!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! When are you coming back to visit??

Confetti Events Trade Show

Laurie & i attended our first Confetti Events trade show last weekend where we set a Candy Bar... it was a HUGE success! It is the new trend now to do these candy bars at wedding for favors! Thanks Rachel for taking such awesome pics, we love you!!


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