Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby's FIRST Christmas...

Jack & Grand playing with his new outdoor play set"Honey... i love this wagon filled with Lego's!!"
Honey, Grand, & Uncle B
WOW mom... this is what Santa Brought me??
look, naked with shoes!
"I LOVE Christmas!!"
Snuggling with Uncle Bren on Christmas Eve
Jack had a GREAT first Christmas... needless to say i think we need a bigger house just to store ALL of his new toys! we had sooooo much fun watching him "attempt" to unwrap presents and play with the bows/ribbon! Oh, and i cooked for the first time EVER: honey ham, mac & cheese, salad, bread, and brownies. We enjoyed our Christmas day with my family, rick & his mom, charlie & candy, Krystle & Paul:) What a fabulous Christmas!! To all of our other family and friends that we did NOT get to see this year, we MISS you terribly and hope you had a great holliday... LOVE to you all!


Amber said...

Jack is such a little ham. He loves the camera. SO cute. Glad he had a good Christmas. Looks like he totally cashed in, in the gift department.

And I'm glad you are liking the Twilight Series. And don't worry about Bella. Read the last one, Breaking Dawn.

Jessica said...

The pic. of Jack in his striped jammies is so cute.
And what a great Santa to bring him all those presents. Don't worry, you will find a place for all of them...and then it will be HIS BIRTHDAY and he'll get a TON more! Trust me on this one. Brennan's first I thought we'd need to hire a truck to haul them all home.
I am so glad you had a great Christmas...and I don't think it's the first time EVER for you to cook. I remember this one Y.W. activity at your house where we made egg rolls. Frying is cooking, right?


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