Monday, December 15, 2008

Trip to Orlando

Getting ready for the trip that morning... with a HAPPY faceDriving to Orlando & eating Graham CrackersVisiting with Cousin Erin
Lisa, Ryan, & Erin Baker
awww.... what sweet cousins! Barb & Jamey
Jack playing on his first Merry Go RoundAnd soooooo happy!
I know i haven't blogged in a while... so sorry it has been a CRAZY month!Two weeks ago we drove down to Orlando to visit with Jamey's cousins Barb & Lisa and their families. The Bakers moved to Michigan and we hadn't seen her family in forever... so we had so much fun seeing everyone again!! Unfortunately, we had such a good time visiting, that Lisa and the kids missed their flight back home!! On the way home from Orlando, Jamey and i did a little Christmas shopping with jack... and he got soooo excited to ride on his first merry go round!! Too cute!

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