Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day at the Beach

Looking at the water right outside Philthy Phils Ms. Susan wrote Jack's name in the sand... so cutePlaying with Uncle Blaine after dinner
Snuggling with Mommie & Grandaddy
He just LOVES the camera
what a HAM

Jack and i spent the day with my good friend Ms. Susan, from Baton Rouge! We had so much fun driving around town scoping out new homes (she wants to move here - YEAH!), eating at Philthy Phils, and playing at the beach! I just love, love, love her and can't wait for her to hurry up and move here so we can play together more often!
Then we went to dinner at Mommie & Grandaddy's where we got to hang out with my Uncle Blaine, Aunt Cathy, & Cousin Jason for the night! Jack was in LOVE with all of Mommie's "singing" Christmas decorations... and even tried to take the flying angel bear home with him! Tried being the operative word here, the boy does NOT need anymore singing stuffed animals!! What a fun day.

1 comment:

Bartman said...

did susan get a tee shirt? :-)

and...i am jealous...the beach. it snowed and stuck last night. not a lot, but's there!


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