Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jack Voted!!

Jack came with me to vote yesterday... and we are so very sad that McCain did NOT win!!!


Jessica said...

Jack, you did your best, but sometimes the better man loses. Now we all have to pray for miracles and good

Lacey said...

He is so cute! Size 3t? My 4 year old is still wearing 3t! Love all the teeth!
And I agree,he does look like a little man in the pictures below!

Amber said...

Man he is cute! Look at that face. I want to SMOOSH it!!!

Rachel said...

Aww he is growing up so fast... voting, growing teeth, out growing clothing. whats next, running his own business? I need to come back soon before he pack up and moves out of the house :) just keep in mind no mater how big he gets he will always be little Jack Jack


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