Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mr. BIG Boy...

Weekend with Uncle BrenGood morning DAD
He looks so grown up in this "sweater vest"
Dinner with Amelie, Jacapo, & Miss EmmaLook mom... i can stand AND drink from my sippy cup
Crawling monkey

He loves to clap to the music

He just discovered "Cruising"

This week we went to dinner with our FAVORITE Italian friends, spent the weekend with Uncle Bren (while mom & dad went to Mississippi for a wedding), hosted a MOMS Club playgroup at our house, and even drove out to Hyde Park for a little early Christmas shopping at Pottery Barn Kids. Here are a few cute videos of jack crawling, cruising, and clapping!! His latest achievement is shaking his head "NO"... it's so adorable!


Jessica said...

I cannot believe how adorable he is and how grown up he is getting. It's sad how fast they grow.

Amber said...

That boy isn't gonna let his 30 pounds slow him down. He'll be walking by the time he's one. He's SO adorable and so happy!

Brina Bat said...

Happy almost turkey day Billig's - love you guys!

thecaillouets said...

i can't beleive how darn cute he is. watch out when he starts walking, nothing will be sacred anymore. i wish we had a pottery barn kids here. i just love ther things.


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