Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleepless in Westchase...

OK, so last night we tried putting jack in his crib (AGAIN) instead of our bed. After one full month of sleeping in our bed, thanks to my mom and dad, enough was enough!The night was somewhat successful, if you call sitting beside him all night long holding his hand through the railing! he would fall asleep for about 30 minutes then wake up crying... who knew this would be such a major project! However, he did technically stay in his crib all night. So i got zero sleep and tonight it's jamey's turn. Wish us luck!

Jack is officially 9 months old, 29.5 pounds, 30 inches, has (6) teeth, wears 3T clothing, loves to clapp & wave, says "dadda" constantly, and is a crawling monster! He is growing up so fast!


Jessica said...

good luck with it. remember, nobody goes to college still sleeping with his mom and dad (they say that about potty training)...unless you have a warped family.
did you get my text about the rash?

thecaillouets said...

have you tried "ferberizing"? we had to do that with brooklyn. it ended up being harder on me then her! i now refuse to sleep with sophia in the bed. so now i am on the couch and she's in her swing. i can't wait till i grow out of that!

me, of course! said...

Yikes! I hope you're sleeping in your own bed again soon!


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