Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Landon...

Baby Landon, Melissa, & Jack playing
don't you love his "alfalfa" hair:)what a ham, he seriously LOVES the cameraBaby Landon's first high chair adventurewhat a cute mommy & baby boy!!

Sorry it has been so long since i have written, i have been crazy busy planning a preschool Fair for the MOMS Club that Jack and i are a part of and Jack's BIG birthday party! Which right now we are at 100 guests, so hopefully this will be the best one year old party ever! This week, my friend Melissa & her 6 month old son, Landon, came over to play. He is seriously the happiest baby ever, so sweet and ALWAYS smiling! We had soooo much fun with them!

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Jessica said...

Melissa looks great and her baby is so cute.
I can't wait to hear about and see tons of pictures of the big birthday bash...Brennan's only had about 60 and they were almost all family. Jackson's had 6 and 1 was Bart's boss. Poor baby got jipped!
Where are you holding the party?


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