Monday, January 19, 2009

Chuck E Cheese's

Jamey teaching Jack how to play Ski Ball"Look dad... i can drive just like you!"
he LOVED this monster truck
"Look uncle B... this is how you drive"
"I am KING of the world!"
We took Jack to Chuck E Cheese this weekend for my friend Megan's niece's birthday... and wow it was CRAZY! i have to admit i was a little overwhelmed, the place was so crowded and very loud... i know i sound like an old lady saying this:) needless to say Jack had a blast!!


Jessica said...

CEC is best taken in small doses on weekday mornings when all the big kids are at school. Then it's tons of fun for the little guys (and keeps their mama's sane, too!)

Amber said...

Hey WE just got back from Chuck E Cheese ourselves. And yes it is ALWAYS crazy and loud. Jack looks like he had a blast though!

btw-I like your looks quite familiar. HEHE.....

Jolie said...

He is just so dang cute!!! and what a brave one u r to go to Chuck e cheese...crazy kids, very loud, and GREASY pizza....but kids love it!


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