Monday, January 26, 2009

James Patrick Billig Turns ONE

Yesterday 85 of our closest friends and family came to celebrate Jack Jack's birthday at Highland Park and it was a big hit! I will post pics soon... little man had sooo much fun! His actual birthday is on Wednesday, January 28th... but we had to celebrate in typical "Jamie" style with a big bash over the weekend!Oh, and guess who took his first steps on Saturday!! It is so cute, he is now walking everywhere!


Jessica said...

OH, I can't wait for pictures.
In honor of the SB bash, the boys watched SB all afternoon Sunday.

Kristen C said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday little Jack!!!

Amber said...

Whoa. That's awesome that he is walking. And here we thought he wouldn't walk early. Way to go little man. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe he's already one. Time flies!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday! Addysen is right behind him and we too are planning a park party. Addysen and her friend Grayce were born on the same day so we decided to do joint parties since we have alot of the same friends. The park was the best place so neither of us had to sacrafice our houses for the occasion!

Can't wait for all the pictures!


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