Sunday, June 1, 2008

Geaux Tigers... Baton Rouge Trip '08

Miss Susan gave Jack this cute lil puppy
Nicole... Yummy Dinner at Mike Anderson's with Jessica & the girls...
Brennan playing with his sponge bob legos while jackson and i get our haircuts
Day 2

Getting our haircut with Tricky Nicki

Happy Birthday MawMaw
Mommie B. eating Crawfish & boilded shrimp
Jack & i looking at the gold fish pond
Analie... where's your plate of crawfish??
Mommie B. snuggling with Jack
Jack's Favorite Aunt Colleen
Day 1

Crawfish Boil at Aunt Ann & Uncle Bill's

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jessica & co. said...

i am so glad we got to see you as much as we did. brennan is still talking about "jamey boy and aunt jamie" and asking when we will see you guys again...i guess you made a positive impression.
i am so glad that this trip worked out the way it did and that we were in B.R. at the same time.


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