Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What GREAT friends...

Bengals Rock! Yeah... i am a future linebacker
Hi Aunt Stacy... do you like my outfit??

Hi Aunt Liz... i love these baby Crocs
reading time with all his friends
" my NEW best friend... Mr. Ducky"

I have the best friends EVER! Liz & Stacy are forever buying jack the cutest little outfits and toys... and here are just a few of the ones that we tried on today! Jack is really going to be torn between LSU & the Bengals when he grows up to play football! And if you can't read Liz's onsie... it says " Life is simple... eat, sleep, & play golf." oh so cute! thanks girls... we love YOU!!


Amber said...

Ok, so I know I don't really know your husband, so maybe I am totally wrong, but I swear your little Jack looks so much like Jonathan. Does anyone else see this or is it just me?

Amber said...
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Jamie Girl said...

i think so too... and a little like brendan as well!!

jessica & co. said...

jack is so cute...but seriously, i believe he won't be TORN at all...it's LSU ALL THE WAY...aunt jessie can help make sure of that.


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