Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uncle Bren's Birthday

Driving to Redington Beach... talking to Mr. Dragon

Happy big 14 uncle Bren...

i love you uncle jonathan... what an entertainer...What a cute family...
So Brendan turned the BIG 14 on May 5th! We just can't believe how much he has grown in the past year... he is already taller than everyone in my family!!! So we took him out to dinner to his favorite restaraunt, The Wine Cellar, to celebrate the grand occasion! What a fun evening with the family:)


Amber said...

Ok, that's hilarious that his favorite restaurant is called The Wine Cellar. I think him and Brent would probably be really good friends. I think Brent picked some fancy Japanese Steak house for his Birthday dinner. HA... What happened to going to Pizza Hut? I think that would have been my pick at 14. TImes have changed. I must be old.

jessica & co. said...

Brendan looks taller then all of you guys! Where did that height come from???
Tell him Happy Birthday from me!!!


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