Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

Cruisin on the boat
Bellie hanging out with jack
watching Sponge Bob What a sweet baby boy!!

So this weekend Our family Friends Tiger & Carolyn came in town with their kids. We had a blast going out on the boat until the generator blew out and the air conditioning stopped working! Which would have been no big deal but having a 4 month old out in the sun for too long is NOT a good combination! So instead of heading out to Egmont key for the day... we all had to head back to the marina for the mechanic to fix dad's new baby! After a long day we came home to veg for a little while and watch our favorite... sponge bob!


Amber said...

What's on the front of your TV? Looks like another screen attached to it. Am I making sense?

Jamie Girl said...

oh yeah... it looks like another screen but it is really just the speakers attached to the screen that go all the way around the tv:)


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