Thursday, May 1, 2008

Geaux Tigers...

So we just had this cute little LSU plaque made for Jack's room (thanks Patti... we LOVE it), and i just HAD to dress him up in his LSU gear for the picture!! funny thing is... i have been waiting to put him in this (9 month) onsie because i thought it would be too big!! well, i am glad he is barely fitting into it now at (3) months!! ha ha, what a rolly polly:)


jessica & co. said...

what a cute sign. if you run out of wall space to display all these great signs and frames, just remember, jackson is often called jack!
oh, and i am kind of glad jack is a chub...means my two chubs weren't the only ones...i do wonder, though...what do we feed them that plumps them up so much???

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

That IS an adorable sign! How fun! He is such a cute chunky monkey! LOL! Geaux Tigers! And Geaux Baby Jack!

Lacey said...

Love the outfit!! We are going home in October and plan on catching LSU vs. Tulane. SO excited! Addysen won't come but we plan on taking Elodie for sure..and of course putting her in an LSU cheerleading outfit with matching bows! DUH!
Love the plaque and I can't believe he is 9month clothes! I put a pair of 24 month shorts on Elodie the other day and had to PIN THEM so they wouldn't fall off of her!!


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