Friday, May 2, 2008

Jack's First Party

So Jack and i took a little stroller ride today to his First Birthday Party! We had such a great time getting out of the house and seeing our friends!! He fell asleep an hour into the party, i guess i wore him out! look how cute he is all snuggled up in his stroller! i didn't dare move him to the crib when we got home, for fear of him waking! ha ha


Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Smart girl! Never wake a sleeping baby- unless you have to take them out of the car... otherwise, leave them in the carrier! LOL! I'm all about letting them get their Zzzz's!

jessica & co. said...

if the weather is nice here (which happens often) and jackson is asleep, i park in the garage, roll down his window, and go on's the same as if he were in our house, as far as temperatures are concerned.
oh, and i love parties...they always guarantee a long nap, even from little boys who think they don't need them any more.


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