Friday, May 23, 2008

What a busy DAY...

Look how cute... Jack fell asleep in his Boppy Bouncy Seat

And Look... one sock fell off in between me taking these picturesMy First Diaper CakeMelissa's Diaper Cake & Favors
Little did uncle rick know...
but as this picture was being taken Jack was POOPING on his leg! This is FRITA
what a priceless picture:)One of Jacks' favorite future babysitters... Miss Halley

Today was a busy day for us! My mom came over in the morning to babysit so that i could run a few errands (and get a pedicure) before we leave for our big trip to Baton Rouge next week. Then this afternoon, as i was putting the finishing touches on Melissa's diaper cake ( My first try at making one) & baby shower favors, Jack fell asleep for the FIRST time ever in his Boppy Bouncy Seat! It was oh so cute! And finally this evening, Uncle Rick came over to introduce us to his mom's new dog "Frita." The funny thing was, baby jack didn't want to have anything to do with the little pup... and when he did finally look at her he made the ugliest frowny face! And then, jack decided to poop all the way through his diaper, his outfit, and through Uncle Rick's Jeans! Too Funny! Later in the evening, Sean & Halley stopped by for a little bit to play with jack... Halley is so great with him! She's going to make a great babysitter!!

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jessica & co. said...

that diaper cake is awesome did a great job!
can't wait to see you and your newly painted feet next week.


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