Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chicken Foot...

What a COOL uncle Bren
Honey was missing me ALL week
Look who's laughing now
yeah, clearly i am in need of lovin'

So Bren came and spent the day with us today... we had so much fun playing our favorite dominoes game "Chicken Foot." Where, i might add, i won (7) rounds in a row! If anyone knows my family, you would know that we are HUGE dominoes fans (Thanks to the Switzer Girls) and i am quite competitive. Although i do have to admit that i don't cuss as much now that I'm not prego anymore! ha ha! There was a neighborhood garage sale this morning, so we even walked around the block a little. Later in the evening mom and dad came by for some "Jack Time" and we all took turns snuggling with the talking baby!! What a fun family day:)

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jessica & co. said...

chicken foot is so much fun...and ha,'s funny how kids can make you clean up the language(though i am still scratching my head about where brennan got "holy damn" from???)
you'll have to bring the dominos to LA, because i'd be just as happy to hang out and play all night long...maybe when brendan comes to town. i'll have jeni watch the boys so i am "free".


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