Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy's NEW toy...

Dad's new Regal Boat... next to the old Twin Vee Boat
Jamey checking out the 2 bedroom cabin

Wow... 40 feet is long
it has 3 levels... and 2 sundecks just for me:)
what a cute captain
Bren relaxing in the "salon" area
Jack was soooo tired after a long dayMom, dad, and bren babysitting tonight

So my dad surprised my mom with this mother's day gift, a 40 ft REGAL boat, which really was just a new toy for him disguised a present! He officially picked it up this morning, so we all went out on it today... and wow it's beautiful! There are so many places to hang out, sleep, lounge, etc. We had a fun day exploring the new toy together:) The first picture is of the new boat next to the old 26 ft Twin Vee boat, which some of y'all might recognize from the wedding:) And afterwards, we all came back to our house so Jamey and i could go out to dinner with some friends while mom, dad, & Bren babysat.


Charis said...

Wow what a fun toy :) It was great running into yall yesterday. I can't believe how big Jack is now! We'll definitely have to get together after we all get back in town. See you soon!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

That is one big boat! How fun! And I love that the two sundecks are yours. LOL! It looks like you'll be having lots of fun trips this summer. Wear lots of sunscreen! ;-)

Amber said...

Woah!!! I am SO coming to visit you. Haha. How fun!

Brina Bat said...

Wow! That's super-dooper cool. Your folks could go all the way to the keys - if not even to the bahamas in that one - couldn't they? Its actually sea-worthy... right?


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