Monday, July 21, 2008

yummy... FEET

Jack's new Face... he does this thing where he bites his lower lip & it's sooooo cute!

Uncle Rick's impression of Jack's new face

Look mom, i found my FEETYummy, these FEET taste good!
Uncle Jonathan's 2008 pose
Yeah, can you tell i am a little obsessed with monogramming his outfits

We went to see Rick & Nick play at Green Iguana last Wednesday night, i am not sure if it was the Akousticks or Downtown Possum (the name of rick's two bands) - but they were great! Jack was making his new funny face all night long & trying to eat his feet!


jessica & co. said...

there is nothing wrong with monogrammed just have to find a friend with the same last name as you and convince her to use your child's initials when she has a child so she can inherit it all. just kidding. (but once i saw a really cute monogrammed top and wished brennan was named differently)
Oh, and Jack looks like such a baby rock star!

Amber said...

Brandon LOVES to suck on his lower lip too. That's cuz it's nice and plump, like his daddy's. HA HA....


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