Saturday, February 14, 2009

Officially a "Toddler"

"Otch, Otch, Otch...""Otch... I coming"
"Look Otch, I can open the door just like Mommy""Otch, Don't lick me silly""ooooh, leaves!"
"yummy, I think I will eat one"
Jack Jack is walking everywhere these days, so i guess it is official to call him a "Toddler!" Here are some quick shots of his favorite morning ritual: first, wake up and say "Octh" 20 million times (not momma or dadda), then run to our bedroom to find Otch, chase after Otch all over the house while we feed her breakfast, then walk to the front door to try and open it, and finally explore outside on the front porch while we let Otch go "potty."


Jessica said...

Leaves taste yummy are a good boy for eating them.

He, he, he.

Jenn said...

He is such a cutie. gotta love when they explore the great outdoors and go for the leaves! BTW where did you get your little entryway table? I love it and need one that size.


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