Monday, January 21, 2008

The Biggest Teddy Bear EVER...

Uncle "Rick" surprised us this week with tons of gifts for baby Jack! It was like a mini baby shower!! I had to take a picture with Brendan next to this gift so ya'll could see how HUGE it was! This is the biggest teddy bear i have EVER seen... and i just know Jack is going to love it!! Thanks Rick - we love you!!

Now all we need to do is give the bear a name... any suggestions??


jessica said...

how sweet of rick. i think a good name for the bear is "aunt jessica"...or just "jess" or "that cool chick that lives in NE"...any will do.
or snuggles.

Jamie Girl said...

ooooh.. i LOVE snuggles!! good job aunt Jessie... aka firestarter!!

Amber said...

I second the snuggles nomination. And if your poll is right, baby Jack should be making his appearance in two short days. Hope so!!! But I think my vote was for January 28th. Either way, it's not far away.


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