Friday, January 18, 2008

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry...

OK... so i have been doing laundry for THREE straight days!!! Baby Jack has been given so many clothes (what a blessing) but it's taken all of my energy to organize his outfits & "clean" his room all week! Is this what being a new mom is like?? ha ha

Today, i went into Jamey's office for his business partner Charlie's birthday lunch and Rick decided to start an official poll as to when Jack is going to come... here are the results:

Charlie Jan 30th

Rick Jan 25th

Me Jan 28th

Jamey Jan 26th

Candy Feb 1st

Carmen Jan 29th

Jay Jan 31st

Ashley G. Jan 27th

Tiffany Feb 3rd

Tom Feb 2nd


Amber said...

Ok, I knew I loved you for a reason. I saw your profile and NEWSIES is on it. Hooray for Newsies. I think I need to go watch it now.

And yes, laundry will become a part of your daily life.

And I love Jack's room. It's the most picture perfect nursery I have ever seen. Never, never come to my house and see mine. I would be embarrassed.

And (I have lots of "ands" huh?) Pampers swaddlers are the BEST for newborn babies. They have this great mesh type lining for all the wonderful dirty diapers newborns have. (just an FYI for ya there)

jessica & co. said...

yep, never-ending laundry is EXACTLY what motherhood feels like!
good thing you already discovered that.
i am so excited. i voted with rick so that you can hurry up and see how adorable and totally NOT ugly baby jack will be and so that a good night's sleep (relatively speaking) is close by!

jessie said...

yeah, um...laundry never ends. it just keeps having sex and multiplying. it's awful. really awful.


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