Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jack's Girlfriend... Miss Sarah

Jack and Sarah singing togetherThe Beautiful Miss Sarah
Jack watching all the big kids play
The birthday girl... Miss Ansley

Today we went to Miss Ansley's birthday party, where we had a mini music class. Jack got to sing his favorite Mr. Froggy song, see his girlfriend, and play with all of the neighborhood kiddies. It was so much fun watching him bounce and sing along... he just loves music. Yesterday we went on jack's FIRST play date with his girlfriend... Miss Sarah. She is just 4 weeks older than jack, and just the cutest little girl ever!

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Charis said...

Aww... it's great to see the kids from the old neighborhood. We really miss you guys! Our new neighborhood just isn't the same :) can't believe how big and handsome Jack is getting!


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