Saturday, August 2, 2008

Switzer Family part deaux...

Lauren, Uncle B, Analie, & CaitlinJack is such a happy baby
Jack & Miss Kristie
Jack & Aunt Colleen
Jack & Lauren
Jack & Analie
Jack & Caitlin... amazed at the ceiling fan

So Wednesday night was mom's birthday... and Brendan, Jonathan, and i all rallied together to make Mommie B's homemade meatball recipe for mom's big birthday gift! And we had soooo much fun cooking all afternoon together! Unfortunately, Jack & i got sick (for the first time since he's been born) so we were under the weather the rest of the week while the Switzer family was in town. But we loved seeing everyone and eating the yummy homemade meatballs & sauce!! Fun times!Oh, and we even got to see the bride & groom to-be (kristie & jimmy) on friday night... and we just LOVE them to pieces!

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Amber said...

Girl you always have visitors. How fun!


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