Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here comes summer...

Jamey & I trying to teach Jack to swim...
Mr. Pretzel"i LOVE Daddy"...After a fun day on the boat with the family"Look at me... i am driving the boat WITH a pretzel"
here is the "please mom... i want to go swimming" face
Mr. BusinessmanUncle B & Jack Jack
B & Liz
What a stud muffin!!
We went on the boat today to celebrate Jonathan's 27th birthday and had a BLAST! Jack was walking all over the boat like pro-seaman... and eating Pretzel's of coarse (his new favorite snack.) Afterwards, we went back to mom and dad's house for swimming and burgers... what a FUN day in the sun with family and friends!!!


Amber said...

That last picture of Jack is SO stinking cute. What a fun day. I want to go out on the boat and then swim and have burgers. I'm coming to your house.

Jessica said...

Something is wrong with this world when YOU are out on a boat and swimming and I am stuck at home with NO power because a SNOW STORM caused outages. Seriously Summer can't get to Nebraska fast enough.
I love how beautiful Jack's eyes are.

Oh, and in honor of US almost turning 30, maybe WE should go on a boat, swim, and eat burgers when I am in town. We'll bring Nebraska pretzels to share with Jack :-) (Hey, I have to have something nice and warm to dream about on these FREEZING days and nights.)

Jenn said...

I can't get over how old Jack looks with his hat on. Holy cow! So cute :)


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