Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Pics

mom dying eggs...
jack loves BALLS

the pro ping pong player
Mommie & Grand
my two LITTLE brothers
AHHHHH.... i love to throw things
yummy chicken nuggets! this is his 1st chicken nugget!!

Sorry these Easter pics are soooo late.... enjoy!


Jessica said...

Jamie...the first of many, many, many chicken nuggets. Trust me. I recently learned you can put frozen chicken nuggets in a small george foreman grill and it works the same! The boys liked them and I did not have to use the oven for 8 little nuggets, which will be great this summer. Oh, and never, ever, ever buy "banquet" brand. Even if you just can't find Tyson.
Now you have all my knowledge of CN. Use it wisely.

Amber said...

I think me and Jessica should be friends. Seems we comment on your blog the most.

And I do agree with her CN observations. Tyson brand are best.

Jack is SO cute. I wish him and Brandon could play. They would probably love each other.

thecaillouets said...

i too love tyson cn. i think though i do home made ones the most. jack is so handsome!


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