Friday, May 29, 2009

new camera

sorry it has been SOOOOO long since i have last posted... life has been crazy with mom receiving double bi-pass surgery and work taking off! Baby jack is 16 months and cuter than ever! he has 12 teeth, loves Ketchup (as you see him licking it off the plate in the above pics) and is now repeating every word we say! here are some cute pics with our NEW camera... love to you all!!


Jessica said...

That picture of him with his hat on backwards is adorable.
What kind of new camera did you get? I ♥ cameras. All of them. I am a dork like that.
Can't wait to see you in July.

The Nettles Family said...

That picture with the hat backwards...totally jonathan! Miss you and love you!

Amber said...

He does look just like Jonathan. Totally cute!

thecaillouets said...

he's soo cute. i want a new camera so badly. i've had mine 4 years but there's no scratches or mishaps or reason for a new one. guess i have to be patient and wait for something to happen to mine. i love the plate pic


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