Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day at the ZOO

Jack Feeding the Giraffe
... and calling him "OTCH"

Jack, Andrew, & Mia... his official partners in crime
TROUBLE!!!Hummm... will this fish eat me???i don't know mom, he is looking at me funny! are you sure he wont eat me??Stud Muffin!he loves to splash aroundsuch a HAPPY child:)Mom, this is so much fun!!!Jack "attempting" to pet the billy goats...but not liking the smell so much:)what a cute shot "from behind"... he he he:)

We went to the Lowry Park Zoo today, for Jack's first visit, with his babysitter Miss Corrie & his partners in crimes: Mia & Andrew. It was a scorcher outside, so thank goodness for the splash park. We still had to come home and jump in the pool though, what a hot miserable day in Florida!!! Jack had a blast, and it it just now 10pm and we are getting him to bed... he was still on his ZOO high all evening:) what a FUN day with friends!!!

1 comment:

Amber said...

WOW. That giraffe got SO close to Jack. That's crazy.

And where do you get all those clothes that are monogrammed? They are so cute!


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