Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jessica's visit

Jackson is soooo adorable... he & jack became fast friends!
Jackson & Jack playing at the aquarium

This is jack, sitting as far away from the sand as possible...
for some reason my son HATES sand!!! finally, we got him to sit on a towel (he is wearing baby Ethan's hat, isn't it CUTE)
having fun at the splash parkhe is such a "stage 5" clinger right now... this MUST be a phaseeating yummy ice cream with daddy
taking a ferry to Caladesi island...what a fun boat ridethis is jack's new friend "Frankie"Baby Ethan... such a lil stud muffinHappy boy in the poolplaying at the aquariumi LOVE this picture:)i just LOVE this smile!!!

My BEST friend Jessica came to visit last week from Omaha with her 2 boys: Jackson & Ethan... her 3rd son, Brennan, was visiting his grandparents in Louisiana and couldn't come too:(
Seriously, this was the best stay-cation i have EVER had, we had sooo much fun going to the aquarium, the beach, the splash park, cooking home made fried chicken, visiting my family, and watching movies! i just LOVE Jessica, and truly value her loving friendship... and jack just LOVED her boys! the morning that they left jack actually woke up crying for "baby" Ethan & "jkson"... it was sooooo sad! our house felt empty after they left:(
Please come back soon Jess, i miss you already!!!!!


Jessica said...

Sniff, sniff...your post made me cry. We miss you SOOOOOOO much and can't wait to start planning our next adventure. I can't wait until our little ones are old enough for DISNEY WORLD!
I LOVE YOU AND your little family, too~

Jessica said...

Oh, and you are the BEST FRIEND EVER and it was a GREAT Stay Vacation!

Amber said...

SO fun! I'm jealous it wasn't me in those pictures. I'm glad you had so much fun though with Jessica. We're becoming blogging friends you know. So someday we should all get together. In Florida of course, cuz that's the place to be.


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