Wednesday, October 8, 2008

His First Cold

This week has been super rough... poor jack got his first cold and has been sick all week! He hasn't slep at all at night and now is in bed with us! I know... trust me this new habit will NOT continue once he is well!

this is his new walker... and he is running all over the house now! He is growing up so fast!!


Kristen C said...

I hope Jack gets better soon!!!

Melanie said...

It is just as hard on mommy as it is on the baby when they get sick isn't it! Hope he gets well soon for both your sakes!

Jessica said...

Colds are the worst for little guys. I hope he is feeling better fast.

thecaillouets said...

i'm sorry to hear he was so miserable. i always feel so ba when babies are sick. the one upside is lots of cuddle time. i hope he feels better soon.

Jolie Bisset said...

Hey you! just got started on this blog stuff, my life has been crazy hectic! was catching up on sister Jenn's and found your link...precious baby little Jack! congrats. You guys look sooo happy! check out my kiddos on my new blogspot i just started this early am. love ya!


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