Monday, October 27, 2008

Jamey's Family Comes to Town...

Look, i am playing Wii

Snuggling with Cousin Julian & Aunt Kimmy
Playing with Mr. Froggy

Playing Puzzles with Cousin Julian
My little crawling machine

Jamey's mom, step dad, sister, and nephew drove in from Ft. Lauderdale this weekend for a "Jack" visit and we had so much fun! It was so great spending time with everyone and playing Wii. Please come back again soon!!

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Jessica said...

i love the wii. i think santa might love it to and bring us one. though i think we'll just play the game it comes with for a while (bart has this really long wish list of xbox games he wants...he has no idea about the wii hiding in our basement :-)

i love jack's shirt.


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