Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Fest

Playing with sammi

such a cute puppy dog!

look at all his teeth

playing in the grass

This weekend was October Fest in westchase. As the secretary of the Westchase Community Foundation (we sponsored this event), it was my job to get all of our marketing materials together for this weekend. So i ordered business cards, brochures, folders, and letterhead (which came out way cute). We put up a tent, gave out all of our info, and even raffled off a Wii. The event was a big hit! And... Jack even got to roll around in the grass and play with the cutest little puppy dog ever - SAMMI!
Oh, and my awesome cousin Ashley also came in to visit for the weekend. She was a great help at October Fest!! We love you Ash... please come visit us again soon!


thecaillouets said...

sounds like it was a blast. i love to see babies playing with puppies. there is almost nothing cuter.

Jenn said...

Love the teeth picture. We're going to October Fest this Friday here. My MIL is from Switzerland so it's a big deal in her culture. So what kind of dog was that?? I want one of those!


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