Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day At The Beach

oh this water is sooooo cold dad!!
do i look like i'm enjoying this???
what a cute father & son!!
dad... it's so bright outside!
grandpa "Grumpy" & grandma Tricia chillin in the sand

look at my cool sunglasses...
yep, i am such a STUD!!
taking a quick cat nap...
ooooh, i love feeling the sand between my little toes!
WOW... this is so much fun!!

Jamey's dad & fiance, Tricia, came in town this weekend from Colorado for a "Jack" visit. We picked them up from the airport at 11pm, it was Jack's FIRST airport experience and we were ALL so excited to see them!! Today we all went to Honeymoon Island for Jack's FIRST beach experience! it was so cute... he didn't know what to think of the sand, and the water, and the bright sun, and the ocean smell. We had a blast!

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jessica & co. said...

i am so jealous that it is warm enough to even consider going outside near water and hanging out. it is still too cold here for that...getting warmer, but then a cold day or three will pop in there...can't wait to see you!


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