Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yummy Sauce...

So uncle Jonathan stopped by today to love on Baby Jack & bring us some YUMMY lunch... Guthries chicken fingers (which is just like Raising Canes from Baton Rouge, with the YUMMY sauce.) And if you look closely at the second picture of Jack you can see the "Large" sticker on his onsie that Jonathan took off his new t-shirt and stuck on jack... it was a hilarious moment because as soon as he did this jack smiled a huge grin! i think this would be a cute idea for a baby onsie to just have one of these stickers on it!


jessica & co. said...

well, ms. fashion designer, design one and get it made!
love ya!

jessica & co. said...

oh, and cane's like chicken...yum.
chick fil a...oh, man...what i'd do for a chicken mini or two.


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