Thursday, April 10, 2008

Swimming like a fish...

So Jack & i went swimming for the FIRST time today at our neighbor Laurie's house... and oh the cool water felt sooooo good! Jack loved the water and kicked his cute lil' legs the whole time. we lasted about 20 minutes and then as soon as i got him all dried off he so peacefully fell asleep in my arms! This pool float i bought was so handy, it gave us both some shade in the hot florida sun. i can't wait to try it again soon! FYI... did any of ya'll do baby swiming lessons??


Amber said...

I never did baby swimming lessons, but I have a friend that did and she really liked it and said it was fun for her and her baby.

And I can't believe it's swimming weather in FL already. I really haven't lived there in a long time. I'm forgetting so much. I'm glad you had fun though. Sounds like you have a pretty good little boy.

And now I think Jack looks like your husband. I can't decide. Whomever he looks like, he's dang cute!

jessica & co. said...

we did swim lessons after brennan's first birthday. if i had had a friend to go with, i would have maybe done sooner, but since he was born in june, i just waited until the next summer.
i think it is a good thing for the baby and the interaction is always a plus. also, you'll learn different tips on how to help jack in the water.


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