Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My life has changed...

Seriously... i know i am biased but isn't he just the cutest little man EVER! He is starting to follow me with his eyes now and make gurgle noises while trying to eat his WHOLE fist. i just love being his mom!!! My life is totally different now, and even though i am still not getting ANY sleep, i wouldn't change it for anything! It just amazes me how much i love this little guy.


jessica & co. said...

i am so glad that you are SO HAPPY in your new role as mother. i knew you would be, but those first few weeks are always so hard.
oh, and trust me...eventually you do get sleep again...it just takes a few months...or years :-)
jack is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy (and daddy, too, i am sure, but he hasn't posted here so we'll give all the glory to you!)

Holly said...

Did you ever think you could survive on so little sleep?!? I felt like a zombie for 2 months after Kailey was born, Eli has been a little more cooperative with the night time sleep.

It's a good thing these babies are so dang cute and sweet, or we might actually mind the inconveniences :)


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