Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dinner at Blue Fugu...

Yes... i love Japanese food
oh, grandma honey you are sooooo funny so this is how the story goes... are you following me so far??
one year later... and look at this beautiful little miracle
my first "Surf Shop" with grandpa
walking on St. Pete Beach with dad
shopping for cute tourist t-shirts for my cousins Tyler & Austin look at this cute "Hawaiian" outfit from grandma Tricia
I'm soooo sleepy, what a LONG day!

So we took Jim & Tricia to our favorite Japanese restaurant tonight with my family! It is about a block down the beach from the Don Cesar, and we decided to take a quick stroll in the sand before dinner to catch the sunset. We even ventured into a few tourist gift shops before meeting up with grandma honey and grand. What a fun day... we are all pooped!
It is just amazing that we were ALL here this time last year for our wedding... (all 300 of us.) WOW, those were some GREAT memories! And now look at our new addition, i can't imagine life with out him!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life!!!


jessica & co. said...

happy anniversary! i was thinking about where i was last year vs. this year...we had a high of maybe 45 or so...and the wind makes it COLD!
i am so glad you are really happy. and jack...what a great present for a wedding or anniversary.

Lacey said...

Hi Jamie! I don't know if you remember me but this is Alacey parents are Greg and Alicia Brumfield...I took your place at Provincial a LONG time ago! We live in Arizona now..have 2 can check us our at

I'm excited to reconnect with you! It's been ages! Oh and I found your blog address through Stacy and Josh!

Amber said...

I LOVE the last picture. That is so cute. What good timing.

And I don't think your parents could be happier grandparents if someone paid them to be. They are SO cute!


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