Monday, September 8, 2008

Day at the Dog Beach

Yesterday we went to the dog beach with Bellie & Butterscotch "aka - Otch", our two golden retrievers, and Uncle Rick and his dog Hazel. It was an adventure for SURE! for starters it was a nice little 10 minute hike to the dog part of the beach, which was quite the task carrying jack (now weighing in at 28 pounds), two big beach bags, two dog leashes, and an umbrella! Once we got to the water were were situated for no more than 20 minutes before Otch decided to POOP in the water! mind you there were tons of people in the water with their kids and dogs! we were sooooo embarrassed! by the end of the day we were exhausted. Later in the evening we all went out to dinner... this last pic is of jack sitting like a big boy in his high chair:)


jessica said...

jack is SO handsome and grown up looking in that blue striped shirt picture.
what did you do with the floating poo? let it float to find ike? pick it up?
did you guys get in the water after that :-)

Catherine said...

That is too funny, I wouldn't think a dog would want to poop in water, I guess if you have to go........
Sounds like you got a good workout!!


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