Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mr. Lion...

Roar...Don't you love the price tag & hanger STILL attached
What a cute lil Lion

So Jack and i were at Target last night looking for Halloween costumes and SHOCKER... there were no baby costumes available in his size (29 1/2 pounds). Mr. Lion was the only one i could find that was not girlish. So i tried it on him this morning, with the tags still attached just in case it did not fit him... and VIOLA! Doesn't he look adorable!! It is pretty snug though and there is no way this will still fit him in one month. Back to the store we go... maybe i will try a Halloween specialty store.

1 comment:

jessica said...

you could use your associates degree and design him a costume :-)
then pay somebody to make it.
the bad thing about living in the south is that so many of the costumes are designed for cool weather and the kids get too hot in them and want to take them off in about 3 seconds.


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