Sunday, September 14, 2008

A NEW Tag...

I am: trying to finish my new Confetti website
I think: Jack is growing up WAY too fast
I know: I love being a mom
I want: a bigger house, skinny jeans, & a vacation
I have: the best family in the world
I dislike: red wine
I miss: Jessica!!!
I fear: Obama becoming president
I feel: tired
I hear: silence… Jack is sleeping
I smell: dog hair… bellie is licking her feet right beside me
I crave: pizza… so not on my diet
I cry: when I think about anything bad happening to Jack
I usually: blog once a day
I search: for bigger baby clothes to fit my 28 lb child
I wonder: when jack will say "mommy"
I regret: not keeping in touch with friends
I wish: I could travel to Paris & California tomorrow
I love: Jamey & Jack
I care: about having a CLEAN house
I always: watch Project Runway… on TIVO of course
I worry: about jack
I am not: perfect
I remember: when I was pregnant and loving the feeling of jack kick inside me
I believe: in the bluebird of happiness
I sing: the “Newsies” theme song ALL of the time
I don't always: wash my hair every day
I argue: with Jamey that I am always right
I write: on facebook almost daily
I win: at doing laundry
I lose: at doing yard work
I listen: to spongebob every day
I don't understand: why there is NOT enough time in my day
I can usually be found: sitting on the floor playing with Jack Jack
I need: to start swimming again…. Oh how I LOVE the water
I forget: everything… my memory has turned to crap!
I am happy: that I have the two best boys in the world!!

Now i tag: jess, amber, kristen, lexi, and lacey


Amber said...

Why oh why didn't we watch "Newsies" when I was there? Boo hoo. We needed more time. So much more time.

Lacey said...

How fun....I can't believe little Jack is almost 30 pounds! We took Addysen in on Friday and she's a hefty 14!!! What are you feeding that child?!?!


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