Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamey

Snuggling with Uncle DavidSnuggling with Uncle Jonathan
Chillin out all by himself
Helping Jamey blow out his birthday candles
These are the only candles i could find in the house

Today was Jamey's 35th birthday, so we went down to mom and dad's house to celebrate the big day along with my Uncle David & Aunt Cheryl, my cousins Blair and Jason, and my grandparents Mommie & Grandaddy, and my two brother's Jonathan & Brendan. We had a yummy dinner and Brendan even helped me make Jamey a birthday cake... only to realize that the only candles we could find spelled out " hary bit" instead of "happy birthday." Too funny!!

I am married to the most wonderful husband and father EVER! I love you honey and hope you had a GREAT GREAT birthday!

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jessica said...

those are the best candles i have ever seen put on a birthday cake.
happy birthday jamey boy.


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