Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Daddyo's Birthday...

My Dad, Mommie, & GrandMom, Dad, & Bren
Ahhhh... i just love this smile:)
Jack was having way too much fun playing with dad's gift bags rather than his toysThe infamous "Chef Brendan" cake... that was falling apart before we even cut into it Jack snoozing in Grandma Honey's lap

Thursday night was my dad's birthday, so jack and i headed down to St. Pete for the day to help cook his favorite meal (steak & twice baked potatoes with red velvet cake) and go swimming. The rest of the family met us down there for dinner and we all learned how jack is enthralled with gift bags - too cute! After a long day and a night of wonderful celebration we were all pooped! Happy birthday Daddyo... I LOVE YOU!!


jessica said...

happy clark!
oh, and jamie...don't even bother shopping for presents at christmas. just get a few boxes, wrap them up, and jack will have hours (days if you don't clean up right away) of fun.

John said...

I miss y'all so much!!!!!!!!! Tell the fam I said hello. Jack is a beautiful baby!


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