Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day at the park...


i love the playground

look at my cute teeth

yummy... cheerios

yummy... lettuce

Today we met our new friends Mrs. Amelie & her adorable daughter Emma at the park... we had so much fun together trying the swings for the first time and playing on the playground! Fall has arrived in Florida and it was such a beautiful day, nice and breezy!

Later in the day we met daddy for lunch and tried lettuce for the first time. All was good until jack projectile vomited EVERYWHERE... poor little man. i think his gag reflex is still in place because he either swallows or just throws up.

1 comment:

jessica said...

nothing like a little baby vomit to ruin a good time.
glad you are getting out and going places with other really makes life more interesting, esp. as your child gets a bit older and starts doing fun things, like throwing sand on the playmates hair or stealing times ahead prepared.
(in jackson's defense, i think he was just trying to get the girl's attention. after his sand time out, he played with her nicely all morning.)


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